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Foot Soaks with Every Massage

Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

Did you know that we offer complementary foot soaks in our Egyptian Cooper Bowls with every massage session?

When making the decision to open my own practice, I wanted to offer foot soaks similar to a spa that I had the privilege to work at years ago. However, that particular spa used plastic pedicure bowls. Plastic can scratch and then harbor bacteria. I knew I wanted to offer foot soaks, but plastic bowls were not an option I was willing to use. I needed a lightweight metal bowl. I looked at using steel, aluminum, and then choose copper. 

While soaking your feet prior to a massage session starts the relaxing process, copper has many health benefits. In 2008, copper was recognized as the first antimicrobial metal. Soaking your feet into a copper bowl can help promote a healthier immune system as well as assists with joint pain from conditions like arthritis and tension. Copper naturally helps increase blood flow due to the positive and negative magnetic fields. The body also absorbs small amounts of copper into the blood stream. Copper binds together with enzymes to help aid with hemoglobin which is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself.

Our copper foot soaks are just one way in which we keep your health and wellbeing a priority when you are visiting our office. 

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