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Body Treatments

Recharge Yourself Massage-5638

All About the Back

Just want your back tended to? This is for you. Start off with a relaxing foot soak. Followed by a back scrub and a Back Mud Wrap treatment. End the session with a 30-minute massage on just your back.


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Body Scrub

Exfoliate dry, flaky skin all over the body with your choice of scrub mixtures. The mixture is applied all over the body and removed with warm moist towels. After removing most of the scrub with the towels, the remaining will be removed by a warm shower. This treatment leaves your skin soft and smooth all over.


45-50 minutes -$150

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Body Mud Wrap

Choose either Seaweed & Clay or Sedona Mud & Clay to Detox while adding moisture to the skin. Dry brushing to exfoliate dull, dry skin. Then the warm mud is applied, followed by wrapping in layers of blankets. While detoxing, relax with a face & Scalp Massage. The mud is removed by steamed towels. Any remaining mud is removed by a hot shower.

Approximately 60-Minutes-$150

Recharge Yourself Massage provides a wide range of high-quality body treatments designed to enhance your well-being and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.”

Enhancements-No additional time needed

Enhancements can be added to your online purchase once you have selected your massage.

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Hot Stones Sampler

melt away tension


Heat from two hot stones is used to melt away tension in those highly tense areas of the shoulders and back.


Eye Lift Collagen Mask

relieves tired eyes


These collagen eye lift mask relieves tired eyes, minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, firms and tightens the skin.

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Collagen Gloves

Intense Collagen Treatment


Intense Collagen Treatment for your hands enriched with collagen, argan oil, and nutritious moisturizers to penetrate quickly and providing intense nourishing care to your hands.


Collagen Socks

Collagen Treatment for your feet


Intense Collagen Treatment for your feet enriched with collagen, argan oil, and nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to provide intense nourishing care to your feet.

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Foot Scrub

Replentish Rough Feet


Are your feet rough? Try adding a sugar scrub to help exfoliate the skin, leaving it softer.

Enhancements-Additional Time Required

Recharge Yourself Massage-21

Facial Massage

sinus pressure issues?


Having sinus pressure issues? Try adding a facial massage. A tranquil massage to the face using moist-heated towels & cold marble and jade stones are used to softly treat the sinus cavities and temples in order to relieve sinus pressure.

Recharge Yourself Massage-0074


help the entire body


Reflexology is using fingers or a wooden tool to apply pressure on acupressure points on the hands, feet or ears to help the entire body.

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Back Scrub

Say Goodbye to dry skin.


Say Goodbye to dry, flaky skin.

The skin is dry brushed first to exfoliate the loose, dry skin before scrub mixture is applied. It is then massaged into the area for a deeply exfoliatation. The scrub mixture is then removed using moist hot towels, leaving the skin soft, refreshed, and renewed.

Recharge Yourself Massage-17

Back Mud Wrap

Bring moisture back


Bring moisture back to your back. The skin is dry brushed first to exfoliate the loose, dry skin before warm mud is applied. It is then covered to maintain heat allowing for detoxification. After approximately 10 minutes, the mud is removed using hot towels.

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Treat for the Feet

Treat those tired feet


Treat those tired feet with this treatment designed just for that! Start by choosing from our list of scents. Then enjoy a relaxing foot soak. Followed by a foot scrub. Then moisturizing mud to detox. Ending with a massage to invigorate and awaken those once-tired feet.