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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

This is the time of year when most people reflect on what they have, and things they are grateful for. Oddly though, just the day after we are grateful for everything we already have, is the largest shopping day of the year. A day in which, we just have to have more….so how grateful are we? Maybe we are grateful, but we just want more, or things to make our life easier…. Life is Busy…. No matter how busy life gets, here are a few steps to showing our gratitude.

1- Each day, try to name something different, specific, that you are grateful for such as a home to live in, a vehicle that gets you where you need to be, or food to eat. You know, the basics. Those are some of the things that we tend to over look the most, and yet, there are those that aren’t so blessed to have a nice warm place to call home.

2- Show your family how much you care about them. It can be as simple as a smile, a hug, or a kiss. Sometimes it is doing more listening than talking. Giving them some undivided attention in this electronic age, can mean more than you think. At my house, such a simple act as choosing what to have for dinner or cooking said dinner. My point being, that these acts of love do not have to be that difficult.

3. Pray for your friends and extended family. It has been a rough year or more with gathering in smaller numbers or not getting together as often… but each day, think of a friend and lift them up in your prayers. One never knows what trials may be going on in their life, or if they have had a bad day, or rough patch…. lifting them up in prayer can make a big difference. You can even send them a short text letting them know you were thinking about them, or wishing them a great day. Again, simple acts go a long way.

I hope this small list can help show more gratitude and love to those we surround ourselves with. I am grateful for a wonderful family, extended family, many friends and my massage clients to help me do what I love. Thankful I have a warm, nice home, food on the table, in the fridge or in the pantry, loving fur babies. Most importantly, I am thankful that I can call Jesus Christ my Lord and  Savior and all that he has blessed me with…. way more than I deserve. 

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