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Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

So here it is, almost the end of February. How are you coming along with any New Year’s resolutions you may have made?

The thing is, change is hard. Change does not happen over- night. Routines take time to establish. Routines happen when we decide to make a change, continue on a regular basis. For some, it takes a couple months of choosing to make those changes on a regular basis before they are a part of their routine. 

If you have not started to make changes to your life to be a healthier person, it isn’t too late. However, do not wait too long to get started on making YOU a priority. Make 2023 YOUR year.

Speaking of making yourself a priority, have you tried our Revive with Thai massage, yet? 

Our Revive with Thai is a wonderful massage that puts the focus on flexibility within the body through compressions, and many deep stretches among other techniques. 

Not only does this particular massage feel reviving to the body, stretches help with stiffness that you may or may not experience from the gym workouts. I have had people say that they do not think that their body will stretch or move enough to be beneficial, yet after they have given our Revive with Thai massage a chance… they say they have never felt so wonderful.

If you are ready to make a change for a healthier, more flexible you, let one of those changes be to give Revive with Thai a chance.

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