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To Tip or Not to Tip Your Massage Therapist.

Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

I have been asked on several occasions about tipping. I have heard others say that if a person works for themselves, tipping is not needed. Yet, if the person is working for someone else, tipping may be more appropriate. To me, working for yourself or working for someone else should not be the reason to or not to leave a gratuity.

Let me start out by saying, personally, I think tipping is up to each and every client. It is THEIR CHOICE to leave any gratuity or not. There are large spas that require the client to tip 20% upon booking their appointment. We at Recharge Yourself Massage & Bodywork are not one of those spas. We do not require anything more than the service cost. With that being said, we also appreciate any and all gratuity that is given.

Tipping is becoming a common practice across the board with most service-related industries. So, let’s talk about that. There are food service places such as restaurants, food delivery, and now even some fast-food chains that are asking customers if they wish to tip or not. Then, there are non-food related services, such as in the health and beauty industries where tipping is also common. Salons and spas with hair stylists, colorists, nail techs, aestheticians, and massage therapists to name a few that are in the beauty industry. There is also the health and wellness group of service industries, in which tipping is not a common thing to see. Those include chiropractors, occupational therapy, physical therapy, as well as massage therapy.

When it comes to massage therapy, the massage therapist falls into more than one service industry category. For some people massage therapy is viewed as a luxury or as a way to treat themselves. For others, massage is viewed as a part of their health and wellness self-care. No matter how you view massage therapy, to tip or not to tip is ultimately up to you as the individual. We do not want you to feel like you are obligated to leave a tip when you get a massage. Also, that is not to say that we would not be thankful for any gratuity you choose to give.

So, if you are needing or wanting a massage session, and are holding back because you may not be able to leave a gratuity on top of the service price….. stop holding back, and book that appointment with us. We love being able to help others feel better physically and psychologically.

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