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Treat for the Feet

Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

Your feet do so much more than you think. Every step you take, they take a pounding. Standing, they hold you up, after all they are your base. 

Many cultures, especially in the Eastern parts of the world, believe that there are points on the feet that can affect the entire body. This is called Reflexology, and Acupressure. 

No matter if you believe there is something with acupressure, acupuncture, or reflexology, I’m sure at some point or another, your feet have ached.

We have several treatments you can add to your massage session, all you have to do is ask. Treat for the Feet is one of these add-on treatments. Do you know what all it entails? If not, you are in luck. 

When you add a Treat for the Feet treatment, you start by choosing from our list of scents offered. This scent is the same for the relaxing foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub, rejuvenating foot mud treatment, and moisturizing massage lotion. After the
soak, scrub, and mud your feet will feel so smooth and soft. After your foot massage, your feet will be refreshed like new.

This is a true treat for your feet for all they do for you. Remember, all you have to do is add this treatment to your session upon booking.

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