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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jaclyn Parton
Jaclyn Parton

Founder - Owner L.M.T. Lic# 4565

I hope each and every one who reads this, has had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

       As we start to prepare for 2022 to come to an end and 2023 to begin, most people start to think of New Year Resolutions. For many, their resolutions may include taking better care of themselves, going to the gym and exercising more to get into better physical shape. It may be doing activities that improves their mental health. It could be to spend more time with family and friends. 

Did you know that massage can help with many of those most common resolutions? If your resolution is to get into better physical shape and exercise more, you may also need to know massage therapy has many physical benefits for the body. A workout at the gym can lead to muscle soreness and pain, especially when you first start out. Massage is a great way to reduce the pain and muscle soreness as well as help with the tension. It also helps with circulation, lymphatic drainage, improves the immune system and so much more.

Massage therapy also has many benefits to one’s mental health. Stress can take a toll on the body. Studies have shown how massage can reduce stress and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Did you know massage can do so much more than that to help with your mental health? Massage can help improve your sleep. Sleep is very important for our overall wellbeing, both physical and mental. Massage can leave you feeling fresh and energized because of the effects it has on the circulation system. During a massage you may be asked to take some deep breaths and try to just calm and relax. This helps the brain to reset and refresh. 

If your resolution is to spend more time with family and friends, massage can help there too. We offer couples massage. This doesn’t have to be a romantic couple. It can be a mother-daughter or two friends. “Couples” just means both parties are in the same room receiving massages simultaneously by two different massage therapists. 

So, whatever your resolution is for 2023, we hope you will consider how massage can help you.

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